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Are you puzzled as to where you should go with your life? If you are not sure or you feel that you need to chart a new direction in your work life, you owe it to yourself to believe in the message of Career and Life Counseling from the Heart (Your Career is a Pathway to Your Soul!).

Intriguing topics include:

  • Gift wrapping for your resume
  • Starting a new job successfully
  • Dating and dancing during your job search
  • Predicting and surviving a layoff
  • Striving for life/work balance
Career is the Pathway to Your Soul book cover
    Fifteen independent reviewers have high praises for this book; eleven (11) have given it a five-star rating, and four (4) have bestowed four stars on it, from a possible five. All of them can be seen on under the title of the book.

Counseling with an extra dimension
5 star Amazon rating

"Don Sutaria is one of the career counselors I most admire, in the U.S. He talks about things other career counselors don't, like "your soul." Now he has written a book I like a lot, with brilliant short chapters you can digest day by day. I recommend it unreservedly to everyone."

Richard Bolles
What Color Is your Parachute 2009
10,000,000 copies in print
Outstanding resource
4 star Amazon rating

"With a great tone and writing style, Career and Life Counseling from the Heart, provides the reader with genuine information that is practical, actionable and accurate!"

Wendy S. Enelow
Author, Trainer & Career Consultant

How life and work intersect
5 star Amazon rating

"Don Sutaria has compiled a collection of original essays on the world of work and its many crossroads with everyday living.

Reflecting the expertise he brings to his career counseling and coaching practice and drawing freely from his own life and work experiences, Don's book is a rich compendium of insights and advice for job seekers and career professionals alike. The chapters are brimming with useful tips and tools for managing a successful career transition. But even more, these writings exude the passion, authenticity and amazing dedication of a man who personifies the realization of the American dream.

Don's own career and life progressions provide a colorful backdrop for the inspiring encouragement and exhortation he offers to job hunters and career changers. He pours his heart and soul into these pages, and his care and concern for the success of his clients (and readers) are always present. Career and Life Counseling from the Heart is genuine and inspiring."

Ken Lawson, M.A., Ed.M.
Career Counselor
Author, "The KISS Guide to Managing Your Career"
Consulting Editor, Barron's "Business Buddies" series
Action-oriented advice from a man of true wisdom
5 star Amazon rating

"Career and Life Counseling from the Heart brings timeless wisdom to the most important of subjects. Don Sutaria's outstanding book combines great insight with intense practicality. Moreover, Don presents his material in a clear, compact format that is easy to digest and ready to put into immediate action. It helps the reader both to grasp the big picture and to take meaningful action steps—a powerful combination."

Thomas M. Wilson
Former Global Head of Recruiting, Merrill Lynch
A must read for the 2009 economy
5 star Amazon rating

"I found this book to be an extremely helpful guide for finding our place in these tumultuous times. Don has many years of experience to draw from and uses succinct anecdotes to show us gently yet powerfully how to find our place in the world. Full of plain talk, strategic tips and action steps, this is a must read for 2009."

Gail Liebhaber, M.Ed.

This book has been published by iUniverse in a paperback format and also as an e-book. It can also be ordered through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and your local bookstore.



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