CareerQuest Newsletter
A Gift for You in the Fall

July-August 2008
My dear friends, colleagues, clients and students:

CareerQuest presented its third Interactive Teleseminar with Career Doctor Don on Tuesday, June 24, 2008. It was a Lunch and Learn seminar from 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST. The timely topic was How to Find a Job After Age 40! The Do's and Don'ts. A spirited question-and-answer period followed.

Here is some feedback from a 20-something manager from New York City, on the earlier newsletter about older workers.
You are very correct about older workers - they do have more discipline compared to younger employees. But they can sometimes also be more hesitant and slower to pick things up, and as a manager, I find myself more willing to deal with a 20-something that is constantly 10 minutes late but is easy to train, rather than a polite older worker that is always early, but keeps asking the same hesitant questions about the work long after the training period is over. Just my two cents.
Our book, Career And Life Counseling From The Heart (Your Career Is A Pathway To Your Soul!), scheduled to be published by iUniverse in 2008, is right on target. Several pre-publication reviews have been encouraging and fabulous. We will certainly keep you posted.

Career Doctor Don Answers Your Questions appears as a regular feature in the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) - New Jersey Chapter newsletters. Visit to read more.

Many of you have asked us if we provide counseling over the telephone and through email, as well as face-to-face counseling. The answer is 'yes' to both questions. Pre-paying with credit cards is very easy. Just a simple click on the services page of our website. You can also view past issues of this newsletter on the archives page.

Until we meet again through the magic of email, keep your feedback coming.

Peace! Love! Shalom!

Don Sutaria, MS, IE (Prof.), PE
Founder, President & Life-Work Coach

Happy Summer! I Have a Gift for You in the Fall - A New Job!
Given the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, present state of the economy and the mood of the nation, all I hear from my clients is that it is not exactly a good time to look for a job.

Sorry! Wrong! The above statement is a myth! Just the opposite! I beg to differ and I'll tell you why.

Based on my personal experiences during the past decade and a half, I can tell you confidently that the summer months of June, July and August, are some of the best months for job hunting. Thrice during this period of fifteen years, I have landed $100,000+ jobs, starting during early Fall.

Why is that? This is because the seeds were sown during the summer and the results of which were harvested in the Fall. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, corporate America bathes in a special glow of the warm weather.

Just think of it! A holiday mood prevails during the summer months.

Executives with the position and power to hire you are generally traveling less during this period. People are taking vacations. A holiday spirit prevails and there is a greater mood of courtesy and charity. Don't ask me for a rational explanation!

Another factor is that managers may have more time to talk with you and are more relaxed. Note that other job hunters have temporarily dropped out of the race for three months which, gives you a statistical advantage of winning or bagging your trophy, a desirable job. If you were a hiring manager, wouldn't you admire a candidate with perseverance and patience? It would automatically work for the candidate.

Note that other job hunters have temporarily dropped out of the race for three months which, gives you a statistical advantage of winning or bagging your trophy, a desirable job.
Note that the Company's annual budgets are also being tweaked in the Fall for the following year. You may even be able to create a new job (Remember the hidden job market!) in the mind of the hiring manager, who will certainly remember you. It may also allow him to place additional money in his budget for next year.

Don't forget to stay sober at company summer picnics! Keep making mini-pitches without making yourself a bore! It is a perfect opportunity for networking. Don't pass it up! If you have friends at other companies, see if you can get yourself invited as a guest. I have done that and it works! The same principle holds true for parties given by friends and neighbors. There is no harm in discreetly exchanging business cards at most parties.

If you are a career coach, ask your counselees to take these admonitions to heart. Don't slow down, speed up!

If you are a counselee reading this article, follow the prescription which Career Doctor Don gave you, and you may surprise yourself by being delivered a belated summer gift: A NEW the size and style and color you always wanted!

I want to wish you an enjoyable and safe summer. See you in the Fall!

Don Sutaria is Founder and President of CareerQuest (formerly New Life Career Counseling), located in New York and New Jersey. CareerQuest is also mentioned in "What Color is Your Parachute?" Sutaria is a consultant to individuals and various corporations, offering executive coaching and career management services. He has developed unique methods for capturing jobs in the new millennium. He appeared on a Phil Donahue TV special on unorthodox methods of job hunting. Known as "Career Doctor Don", he has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Star-Ledger, The Union Leader, WorkingSmart, SmartMoney, Fortune, Money, and on WINS and WOR radio. He specializes in counseling of international professionals, Generation X (age 20-29), career changers, freelancers, consultants, mid-career executives and people over age 50. He really believes that your career is a pathway to your soul.

Mr. Sutaria has over forty years of diversified industrial and management experience, complemented by training in career development and hands-on experience in career advising. He is an international cross-cultural trainer. He has also served on committees of several organizations, and conducted courses, seminars and symposiums at Columbia University, New York University, Nyack College, Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, Rutgers, and Stevens Institute of Technology. He is a member of the Association of Career Professionals International and the Career Counselors Consortium.

Don earned his MS degree in Management from Kansas State University, an IE (Professional) degree in International Management and Personnel Relations from Columbia University, and obtained New York University's postgraduate Certificate in Adult Career Planning and Development.

Don Sutaria is the author of 
Career And Life Counseling From The Heart (Your Career Is A Pathway To Your Soul!) due to be published in 2008.