Case Studies

International Professionals

Yalena, a physician trained in Russia, had difficulties in being integrated into the medical community in the United States. Acceptance of culture shock and reorientation of career through obtaining an MBA degree, led to a satisfying job as a pharmaceutical sales representative.


Mark, a 26-year-old journalist, with a BA in Communications, longed to make a difference in young people's lives. Assessment pointed towards a helping profession such as a school teacher. He volunteered for two years in AmeriCorps, teaching underprivileged children two days per week. He obtained a Master's degree in teaching, and two years later, successfully changed to a more meaningful career in teaching.

Career Changers

Susan, with a BA degree, had been homemaking and out of the working world for ten years. Her self-image and self-esteem had to be raised. The transferable managerial skills she projected of running a home and volunteering were reflected in her problem-action-result oriented resume. Susan is now working as an office manager for an equipment manufacturer.

Mid-Career Executives

John, an American born entreprenuer and an oriental languages specialist, always dreamed about living and working in Asia. Through self-directed search and after values clarification, a job was found in Japan for training Japanese executives in verbal and written communication skills in English, prior to their assignments in the USA.

People Over Age 50

Walter, a 50+ laid-off executive from the shrinking Banking industry, first needed to get rid of his resentment and regain his composure. His dour look had to be replaced with a genuine smile. We made an inventory of all the positives he possessed, tried a shift to optimistic attitudes, and changed the wardrobe, hairstyle and eyeglasses slightly. He is now a partial owner and customer relations manager at an electronics store.

Our portfolio of clients now includes journalists, lawyers, actors, engineers, college students, executive directors, salespeople, software developers, network specialists, computer programmers, marketing managers, consultants, international executives, teachers, website designers, training managers, field service engineers, restaurant owners, graphic designers, Internet technologists, e-commerce specialists, artificial intelligence instructors, strategic planners, master schedulers, planning analysts, systems analysts, quality assurance engineers, validation engineers, project managers, project engineers, regulatory affairs specialists, accountants and compliance officers.

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